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Caja is a great file-manager, but one unfortunate limitation is that you can’t customise the toolbar in the Preferences dialogue. So, while there buttons for Home and Computer, there isn’t one for Network Locations, which some of you might find handy. However, you can in fact add new buttons, and remove unwanted ones, and I’ll show you how.

It comes down to specifying toolitems in the config file caja-navigation-window-ui.xml, and wherever you paste the code will determine where the button ends up. For example, if you add the code for your custom button after the entry for the Home button, that’s where it will end up; if you add it after all the default buttons, it will end up on the right end of the toolbar. So you can add your buttons where you want, reorder them as you please, and even get rid of unwanted ones.

Adding Network Locations Button

First off, open the file for editing with the following command:

pluma admin:///usr/share/caja/ui/caja-navigation-window-ui.xml

The second half of the file deals with the toolbar, so locate the button you want to put your custom ones after. Hit Enter at the end of that line, and paste the code below into the empty paragraph beneath it, making sure to preserve the indent. For this example, I’m adding the code after the Computer button, but you can add it wherever you please.

<toolitem name="Go to Network" action="Go to Network"/>

Once you’ve added your custom button, save the file, then reload Caja (either by manually closing all windows, or running caja -q in the terminal, then opening Caja again). Your new toolbar button will be there and ready to use!

For info on how to Add or Remove Separators, Reorder Existing Buttons, and Remove Unwanted Buttons, check out this guide!

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