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At times when using the terminal, the output from a command can be so long, you simply can’t scroll to the beginning, as it is no longer in view. But you can actually set the terminal to display as many lines as you like, or even set it to unlimited scrolling.

In the terminal, go to Edit > Profile Preferences, and in the Scrolling tab you will see there is a default amount of lines to be displayed (probably something like 512). If you have an older computer and are worried about memory, you can up the amount to 2000 or thereabouts, as that should suffice, otherwise the best option is to place no limit on the amount of lines displayed. Under that, you will see “Unlimited“, so check that, and from the next command onwards you won’t have that limitation any more.

Various terminals available might differ as to where to change that setting (like a Settings menu, or Edit > Preferences or Tools > Settings), but they all should have it, and you should find it easy enough.


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