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Here is how to remove Evolution from the Indicator Applet notifier in the system tray in Ubuntu 10.04. Open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get remove evolution-indicator

If you’re like me and have no need of any of the messaging notifications, you can get rid of them all with:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages

If you also want to get rid of the MeMenu, you can do so with this:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-me

The mail notifier (or anything else you’ve removed) might still be there when you’ve finished, though should be gone after a reboot. However, to view your changes immediately, you can refresh the panel by entering the following into a terminal (or Alt+F2):

unity (if using the default Unity desktop)

killall gnome-panel (if using Gnome 2.x “Classic”)

Another way to achieve this (without refreshing the whole panel) is to right-click the applet and choose Remove From Panel, then right-click an empty area of the panel, choose Add to Panel, then drag Indicator Applet to next to the clock in the system tray, or wherever you want to put it instead (this is only if using Gnome 2.x “Classic”).


Remove the Volume Button from the Indicator Applet in Ubuntu’s Panel


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