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Despite all the feature-rich games out there for the Windows platform, the #1 played game in the world is by far Solitaire. That’s because most of us aren’t gamers, so we’re happy to play with the simple games included as an occasional distraction. The games aren’t all that great, but what do you expect for nothing? The same goes for Ubuntu: you get some similar basic games,but don’t expect much if you’re a gamer!

The difference is that with Ubuntu, you can open up Synaptic and have a browse through the Games and Amusement section, then mark a whole lot of free games for installation! You can also search for specific types by using terms like “RPG” and “strategy game“. And if you know the names of some games, it makes it even easier, as you can just type them in the Quick search field.

One of the little gems that I have seen many vote as the best game in Linux is Frozen-Bubble. It is certainly a cut above the others in your Games folder, yet simple to play, with appeal for all members of the family. The object is simple: fire your coloured balls to get 3 or more in a row, in order to dislodge that row and all beneath it. The platform they’re suspended from keeps moving down, so you need think ahead and aim well, as you’ll be adding to the balls coming towards you!

Frozen-Bubble: Possibly the most addictive and widely played game in Linux!

Levels get progressively harder and faster, and you may soon find yourself joining the millions who are addicted to this game. It’s certainly better than playing Solitaire while you wait for something to download or whatever, so install it now and have some fun trying to keep your balls from being frozen!

Just look for frozen-bubble in Synaptic, or paste the following into a terminal:

sudo apt-get install frozen-bubble


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