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If you’ve tried as many burning apps as I have over the years, both in Windows and Linux, you’ll already know that they all have their limitations, if you look hard enough. And when it comes to especially long file-names, you’ve probably also seen a few messages telling you the offending file-names will be truncated to fit in with the standard being used to burn the disc.

K3b is a great program that can do many things the others can’t, but it will complain about really long names that go past the allowed amount of characters, at least on the default setting. But there is a way around this, and it isn’t opening another app like GnomeBaker.

When you are in the Burn dialogue, go to the Filesystem tab, and under File System you will notice the setting is (probably) Linux/Unix + Windows, and this Windows support is the problem. Instead, choose Linux/Unix only and your project will be burned to disc without mention of long file-names. And your disc will still be able to open in Windows, and current versions of it should be able to handle the extra-long names. But, if you are worried about cross-platform compatibility issues, you can change it back to Linux/Unix + Windows when burning your next disc, and only set it to Linux/Unix only when you need to.


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